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California Road Trip // Best Places to Visit In 2020

california road trip

As we look forward to 2020, it’s time to start planning next year’s family vacation. There’s no better way to see the expansive beauty of California than with a road trip. A trip to California isn’t complete without a drive down the California coast, past ocean waves, through redwood forests and under breathtaking mountains and radiant sunshine. Read on, we’ve got the best vacation ideas for 2020 from Southern California, up the Central Coast, to Santa Cruz and the Napa wine country. Here are some California road trip ideas to start your year off right. 

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Best Places to Visit in California this November

california november
November is a beautiful time to visit California. With the gorgeous weather and a multitude of things to do. It’s almost too hard to choose which of the amazing things to do, but don’t fret we’ve set the itinerary for you so you can concentrate on enjoying your California vacation with family and friends. We’ve got the best places to visit in California with kids and the best places to stay at the best rate. Take a look below! 

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