5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Finally Take That Vacation

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Motivating yourself to take a vacation doesn't seem that difficult, but it does take a lot of work to sit down, check everyone's schedules, plan an exciting itinerary, and finally make it happen! 

There is always an excuse not to do it so why not find excuses to do it! Here are some tips to follow through with your plans and finally make your dream of staying at a gorgeous beach house with ocean views a reality. 


Hold Yourself Accountable 

If you have kids they will probably do a pretty good job of holding you accountable for booking a vacation for the family. But if you need extra encouragement for follow through try telling as many people as possible, friends, extended family, acquaintances, so you can't back out. They will keep asking how the trip planning is going. "Are you driving or flying there? How many days will you be away? Have you booked the helicopter tour you keep talking about?" They will ask. This will keep you on track and hold yourself accountable for actually making it happen!


Devote Time To Research 

Take an hour or two each week to research places that you and your family might be interested in going. Research activities that you find enticing, top restaurants and excursions that you all would enjoy, and decide together as a family if this is the destination that you are all really excited about traveling to. 

Book It!

Once you have all decided on a destination, the vacation rental you want and some of the top activities you want to try, then you have to just jump and commit to it. Make the calls and put a deposit down. You are doing this and you're one step closer to a fun, memorable experience together. 

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Save Up

Once you have a place in mind, then its time to save up money for transportation, accommodation and activities while there. Just put a little money aside each week and know that you will get to use it for vacation fun in a couple of months! It's worth it. 


Let go 

You've researched, you've planned, you've confirmed your booking and saved up. Now the only thing left to do is just let go and begin your journey together. There will be some bumps in the road perhaps but you are now on vacation! Roll with the punches and make the best of it! Relax and enjoy your family time at your home away from home.