Luxury Southern California Beach Home Rentals

luxury southern california vacation home

Coastal and Oceanside beach homes are very in-demand right now. Keep reading to learn about Newport Beach and Oceanside beach homes along with what sets them apart. 

Newport Beach

Newport Beach offers a variety of options for rental, and which is right for you depends on budget and number of guests. If you're the type with a small family or who prefers a small circle of close friends, 114 42nd Street, Unit B may suit you well.

It's a small place, with two bedrooms and a single bathroom. However, its location is the biggest selling point. 

While it's right near the beach, it's also close to a specific spot on the beach that's become a surfing hot spot.

If you're looking for a summer home for more than just swimming and surfing, Newport Beach has some awesome advantages. This city is home to Balboa Island, a man-made island that offers several homes, a historical society, and even a fairground.

For those who crave big city life, Newport Beach is about an hour each from San Diego and Los Angeles.


The other entry on this list is Oceanside, and this town has definitely earned its place here. Not only are there some awesome Oceanside beach homes to choose from, there are a lot of neat attractions as well. Stay at the Oceanside Jungalow with hot tub and tropical garden, and explore these nearby attractions. 

If you're interested in surfing, why not check out its history at the California Surf Museum. In fact, surfing has a long and storied history.

It started in Ancient Polynesia and soon made its way to Hawaii. It carried on there for some time, remaining almost exclusive to Micronesia and Hawaii until the 1800s when tourists started to visit the islands.

Eventually, it took root there, and was especially popular in the 1950s and '60s. These days, it's one of the first things people think of when someone mentions California.

There's also an art museum, several churches, and multiple animal hospitals. Animal hospitals aren't usually what you think of during vacation, but it's definitely helpful, just in case.

Luxury Southern California Beach Homes: The Perfect Investment

Luxury southern California  beach homes are a great investment. In addition to being near the beach, they also offer plenty of other great things to do and see.

We've talked about some wonderful rental locations in this article, but if you want more information on beach homes, check out the rest of our site.

Contact us today for more information about Oceanside beach homes for rent and get ready to make your luxury Oceanside beach home a reality.