Top 3 Reasons to Book Vacation Rentals Direct in California


With the rise in popularity of vacation rentals and the need to save money it is important to understand how to find the best overall value when it comes to vacation rental travel in California.


As part of your vacation rental planning search experience you will come across many “broker” sites like Airbnb and VRBO.  These sites offer many properties by reselling the inventory of professional managers and owner/host that use these sites as commissioned based advertisers.  In most leisure and destination in California you can expect to pay 30% or more for the same house, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your length of stay, destination and accommodations.


One of the keys to a successful vacation rental experience is in the communication you have with your hosts prior to arrival.  The little things matter from any special needs to special occasions that need to be handled by professionals who focus on the details of your vacation.  This also plays an important role particularly at the planning stages of your trip where the “team on the ground” is busy making preparation for your arrival.  These same professionals are at your call 24/7 for any needs that may arise during your stay. These relationship matter when your only desire is to enjoy your vacation rental with friends and family.


Reputation and having a track record of success is the most important trait to look for when booking your vacation rental for your family, friends or group gatherings These local brands in Lake Tahoe, Cayucos/Moro Bay, and Newport Beach California have a proven track record in caring for their guests and the leisure destinations they live in.  You can be sure that when you ask for local restaurant recommendations, tips on the best dog friendly beaches or that “Special” something to make your stay more enjoyable on the other end will be one of our trusted brands team members, working hard to make sure you have a great stay.