North Lake Tahoe Summer Events 2023

Lake Tahoe Fireplace

Stay in a beautiful vacation home in North Lake Tahoe this Summer and Enjoy all the Fun Festivals:

  1. Wanderlust: This four-day festival in July features yoga classes, meditation sessions, music performances, and outdoor activities like hiking and paddle boarding.

  2. Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival: This summer festival takes place in July and August and features outdoor performances of Shakespeare plays at Sand Harbor State Park.

  3. Tahoe City Food and Wine Classic: This food and wine festival takes place in June and features tastings, cooking demonstrations, and other culinary events.

  4. Autumn Food and Wine Festival: This festival in September features tastings, culinary competitions, and other food-related events.

  5. Great Reno Balloon Race: Although not technically in North Lake Tahoe, this popular hot air balloon festival takes place in Reno, just a short drive away from the lake. It typically takes place in September and features hundreds of colorful balloons taking to the sky.

These are just a few examples of the many festivals and events that take place in North Lake Tahoe throughout the year. Be sure to check local listings and event calendars for up-to-date information on upcoming festivals and events.